Weather Station Web Site

I designed and built a new site for my weather station. This process was complicated by the way in which the live data is updated every five minutes or so. Software running on an older Mac laptop generates and uploads html pages to the site, every five minutes. Within these pages, there are shortcodes or special "tags" which the software replaces with the relevant data each time the page is generated (e.g CT$ as text in the html file becomes the current temperature formatted like this: "27.1°C (0.4)"). Some tags can generate graphs or tables.


I wanted a clean and simple look, without moving dials or animations, so I used the Bootstrap framework to help me build something responsive (i.e. displaying well on all sizes of screen from phones to desktops) and consistent.

I wrote a javascript from scratch that generates a text description of the current weather based on the values of key pieces of data and which also gives some pointers to the likely weather at the time of year (based loosely on "singularities": patterns of weather which are statistically more probable based on the analysis of historical data)